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Things to know about a TFSA

Who is eligible?
Find out if you are eligible to invest in a TFSA.

Contributing to a TFSA
Explains the criteria for contributing to a TFSA, the TFSA dollar limit, the TFSA contribution room, the impact of a TFSA on your income-tested benefits, excess contributions and self-directed TFSAs.

How to set-up a TFSA
What is needed to establish a TFSA.

Making withdrawals
What happens when you make withdrawals from your TFSA.

Transfers from one TFSA to another, marital or common-law partnership breakdown, or upon death of the TFSA holder.

Death of a TFSA holder
Tax and other implications when a TFSA holder dies.

Taxation of a TFSA
Describes different situations when a TFSA is taxable, when to file the return and how to pay the taxes owed and when a refund of the taxes paid may be issued.